I'm Sigrid, a leading skincare chemist in New Zealand.

I have spent more than two years conducting research and development to innovate this unique skincare range, drawing on my in-depth expertise in the skincare industry, my academic background (Master of Science in Engineering and Chemical Laboratory Technology and Bachelor's degree in Laboratory Technician for Biology with a focus on laboratory diagnostics), as well as the inspirational leadership of the founders of ibody New Zealand and their knowledge of homemade remedies that have a rich history. I have created excellent formulations that provide outstanding results for your skin, independent of age or environmental factors, inspired by nature's wisdom and motivated by our shared passion for excellence.

My goal with ibody New Zealand’s team is to meet each individual's specific skincare demands while also delivering transforming skincare solutions. Each of the first five products uses the forces of nature to produce noticeable and long-lasting results, from the potent moisturising capabilities of hyaluronic acid to the calming and nourishing botanical extracts, to mention a few. Ibody New Zealand formulas are at the cutting edge of scientific development thanks to carefully chosen anti-aging peptides and premium active ingredients that further improve skin elasticity and fight oxidative damage.

Our shared approach to skincare extends beyond cosmetic changes. In order to revitalise and restore your skin's natural attractiveness, ibody New Zealand is driven by the concept about going deep into skin layers. Formulations from Ibody New Zealand provide exceptional hydration, protect your skin from air pollution and blue light, fight ageing indications, and support a healthy, beautiful complexion.

Each item in this line is put through extensive testing and improvement processes to guarantee the highest levels of efficacy and safety. The compositions offer a luxury experience that yields noticeable effects and were created to fulfil the needs of 21st-century consumers like you. You will notice a difference as soon as you use an ibody New Zealand product, and your skin will gradually experience a stunning improvement.

Welcome to ibody New Zealand, where cutting-edge skincare fuses beautifully with the strength of nature. I personally welcome you to start a holistic skincare journey and explore how these painstakingly created products can change your life. Embrace a new era of beautiful, healthy skin.

Yours sincerely,
NZ Leading Skincare Chemist