Embrace the new revolution in skincare that combats the effects of aging, air pollution, and blue light radiations from digital screens on your skin. Our luxurious skincare products are infused with a range of active ingredients that nourish your skin, leaving you with a youthful, radiant glow.

Review the benefits of key active ingredients:

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3-in-1 Day & Night Serums

  • Hyaluronic acid: For deep hydration and improved moisture balance.
  • Plant-based texturizing gum: For immediate hydration and electrolyte resistance.
  • Multi-functional anti-aging peptide: For enhanced collagen synthesis and protection.
  • Tasmanian pepper fruit extract: For a soothe and calm reactive skin.
  • Exopolysaccharide: For natural hydration, skin barrier restoration, and shielding against pollutants.
  • Botanical extract of anigozanthos flavidus: For improved dermal proteins and reduced wrinkles.
  • Withania somnifera root extract: For protection against artificial light and rejuvenate skin.
  • Blend of glyceryl polyacrylate, PVM/MA, and silicone elastomer: For optimal hydration.
  • Ammonium alum: For tightened skin, reduced oil production, and soothing effects.

Micellar Cleansing Water

  • Plant-derived feedstocks non-ionic surfactant: For mildness, foam performance, and effective cleansing.
  • Clay microorganism-derived fermentation-based extract: For a cleaner, smoother, and beautiful skin.
  • Tasmanian pepper fruit: For a calm skin, reduction of inflammation, and relief of itching.
  • Larch trees: For an improved skin barrier function, leaving the skin feeling soft and clean.
  • Ammonium alum: For tightened skin, reduced oil production, and soothing effects.

Moisturising SPF 20 Cream

  • Castor & coconut oil-derived medium chain triglyceride: For elegant after-feel with inorganic UV filters.
  • Fused fermentation and amino acid composite: For a soft-focus anti-aging properties in the skin.
  • Excellent oil-soluble UV-A and UV-B filters: For effective facial sun care.
  • Oil-soluble vitamin C derivative: For prevention of lipid peroxidation & promotion of collagen synthesis.

Neckline & Décolletage Cream

  • Botanically-engineered Lipid complex: For a skin with balanced lipid components.
  • Anionic, PEG-free O/W emulsifier: For emulsions with a soft after-feel.
  • Plant-based complex of active ingredients: For reshaping of cleavage area contours.
  • Unique silicone elastomer system: For a soft and emollient-creamy skin feel.
  • Lsoleucine, an essential amino acid: For supporting tissue repair & filling wrinkles.

Example on how to benefit from the offer: Add one Day Serum and one Cleanser to Cart, and you will only pay for the Day Serum. Add two Gift Boxes to Cart, and you will only pay for one.

Scientifically Formulated By NZ's Top Skincare Chemist

Experience the power of nature with ibody NZ. Our luxurious skincare products are crafted with sophisticated & innovative care, featuring a range of active ingredients that awaken your senses & protect your skin from the effects of aging, air pollution, and blue light radiations of digital screens.

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Your skin needs to be continuously rejuvenated. Spoil your skin with our mineral & botanical set of ingredients, scientifically formulated by New Zealand’s leading skincare chemist. Shop now

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I have extensively researched to innovate this unique skincare range, drawing on my in-depth expertise in the skincare industry, my academic background (Master of Science in Engineering and Chemical Laboratory Technology and Bachelor's degree in Laboratory Technician for Biology with a focus on laboratory diagnostics) ...

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“ibody NZ gives a scientific-based range of skincare products
benefiting from nature's generous resources of minerals and plants”

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