Inspired by nature.

Perfected by science.

Experience Nature's Transformative Beauty Backed by Science and Innovation

Inspired by nature.

Inspired by the boundless wonders of nature, each of our formulations begins with the pure essence of botanicals and minerals, harnessing their inherent potency to nurture and revitalize your skin.

Perfected by science.

Guided by relentless scientific inquiry and innovation, our team meticulously refines and perfects each product, catering specifically to the needs of the modern woman aged 40 and above. We unlock the full potential of nature's bounty to deliver transformative skincare solutions tailored to your unique needs.

The key main ingredients include hyaluronic acid, a botanically-engineered lipid complex, oil-soluble vitamin C, kangaroo paws plant extract, ashwagandha root extract, and mountain pepper fruit/leaf extract. Please check our ingredients page for more details.

Yes, we offer international shipping at reasonable rates, ensuring our products reach customers worldwide affordably.

ibody products are currently available at select elite retailers such as Smith & Caughey's (Online + Auckland, Queen St) and Devoted to Pretty (Online), known for curating premium skincare brands.

What makes ibody unique is our specialized skincare solutions for professional women aged 40 and above. We address diverse concerns, from combating air pollution and blue light exposure to targeting aging signs in the face, neck, and décolletage area. For more details, visit our ingredients page.

Expertly formulated by NZ leading skincare chemist

Formulated in New Zealand

Crafted in New Zealand, our formulas are born from the untouched beauty of its landscapes. Inspired by nature's abundance, each creation is meticulously formulated to deliver results that embody the purity and potency of our surroundings.

Our Difference

At ibody, we blend the best of nature and science to create skincare solutions that deliver unparalleled results. Our products are meticulously formulated using natural ingredients, combined with advanced scientific techniques, ensuring effectiveness and innovation in every bottle.

Product Reviews

Discover what customers are saying about our products. Explore firsthand experiences, testimonials, and ratings from individuals who have experienced the transformative power of our skincare solutions. Dive into our reviews section to find out why ibody is a trusted choice.

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